Aug 292012
The Wicked Promo

Big thanks to The Wicked for answering our questions, and congratulations to them on their first full-length release, Never Trust The Dead!

Buy/Stream the album HERE.

1. Where did you come up with the name for The Wicked?

Janele and I were playing a show in Salem, MA. A man came up to us
after we played and said we looked like a Wicked duo. We aren’t
creative with names so we just decided it was good.

2. How long have you each been playing music?

I have been playing music for somewhere between 7 and 8 years. I guess
the legitimate “start” to me playing music was when my mother bought
me an electric guitar in Fourth Grade. I was mad because I wanted a
computer instead of a stupid guitar. Now I am thankful for having that

3. How different was the recording process for your first full-length
album vs your first release?

Well our first release was done at my house in the studio I had been
“building” for less than a year. A week after forming The Wicked, we
found ourselves in need of some material for people to listen to. We
spent three days recording a demo EP in my room with the stripped down
versions of most of our songs. Recording a full length was a
completely different experience because we got to record with someone
who actually knew what they were doing. We loved recording at
Switchbitch Studios and being a part of the process. It was certainly
a much more lengthy process than recording some demos in my room.

4. You’re both young–do you anticipate your music changing in any way
as you both grow older?

Yes. Even now, one year after forming The Wicked and writing our
record, my writing has advanced and progressed to surpass even that of
what I was writing a few months prior. Recording with SwitchBitch
Records taught me a lot of important things about songwriting.

5. How much do you individually use social media?

I use social media everyday all day. Twitter is my favorite website
because I can say whatever I want and keep talking about it. Somehow
that entertains people.

6. Do you both update the social accounts for The Wicked? If not, who does?

Yes. However, I primarily am updating our Facebook and Youtube
accounts while Janele controls our Instagram and Twitter.

7. What is your favorite social media outlet, and why?

Oh. I answered this back there. I love twitter. Seriously I love it.
Tell all of your friends to follow me because I think about a lot of
things. I talk about my job at an ice cream store as well.

8. Do you use social media to connect more personally with your fans?
Has this affected you in any way, good or bad, as artists?

I think that social media is a great way to connect with fans.
Facebook had taken over what myspace had established for musicians a
few years ago. Now that facebook is dying I think that a personal
connection between bands and fans will be required. I find it more
productive to blast from my personal facebook than from The Wicked’s.
Most people that “like” The Wicked on facebook end up friending Janele
and I anyway.

9. Where do you think that the music industry will be in 5 years? 10 years?

Well I hope that everything in the music industry becomes primarily
kazoo based. I will be the first on the rise of the kazoo explosion.
If not kazoos then I am assuming that the current electronic and dance
industry will evolve to grown men banging on pots and pans making car
noises with their mouths.

10. Where can we find The Wicked and both of you online? Anything else
you’d like to share with our readers?

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