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I was given the opportunity to interview New York production duo, Nick Miller & The Hustle Standard. During our conversation, I learned how they found each other, their feelings about social media, and how they use streaming (among other things). Check it out below and be sure to connect with The Hustle Standard online!

Listen to Nick Miller & The Hustle Standard HERE.

1. How did you start working together?

Nick and I met when we were both audio-engineers at the now defunct Skyline Studios in NYC back in ’09. We both also produced and wrote songs so we started making songs together and working on other people’s projects together. Nick was always the more talented version of myself that I’ll always want to be. I mean, the guy plays just about every instrument you need to make rock records, and very well. So, I thought, ‘if I can’t be that good I’ll just work with him’ haha. Fortunately for me, he must think I’m good enough at something to get to work with him.

2. Where do you see your music fitting in the current industry?

In many ways. I think anyone (or any group of people) who can quickly and professionally write, produce, record, mix, market, and release an album on a very small budget is very attractive in today’s industry. I also think music has gone as far as it can go with digital recording and editing. It’s not going to ever sound that much better; the parts aren’t going to be any more perfect; and the vocals won’t ever be any more in tune. I really just feel like a shift down from “perfect”, and back toward “real” is going to happen, and is happening. So I try to be more real, and less perfect.

3. Do you have a strategy for getting the word out about your most recent album? How did you go about deciding on it?

Yes, I have some semblance of a strategy. I have a publicist and a publisher. I try to keep up with my facebook and twitter. We try to keep the site very clean and easy, and always use high quality images. We’re trying to have more content. This is a work in progress.

4. Where does social fit in with any album promotion strategy?

It’s huge. It’s also amazing. For me, a guy who doesn’t tour and only makes studio projects, it’s the biggest way I can interact with my fans. And I love being this accessible. I love hearing what people think, like and want.

5. You do have various social accounts. Which is your favorite for connecting with fans? Do you use it to also connect with other industry professionals? How so?

I like facebook the most. It just feels best to me. Twitter feels too indulgent, and fleeting. I can post on fb and it can live for a few hours, but the half-life of a tweet is like 10 seconds, and I just feel like a moron tweeting all day. And also, on fb I feel like people who are interested in The Hustle Standard can see what it’s about.

Most of my industry connections are made through word-of-mouth and meeting people face-to-face. Yes, I’ve had some connections through social sites, but I still think regular word-of-mouth, and face-to-face encounters are always going to trump meeting someone online. Nothing beats sitting down to a good meal with someone or grabbing a drink when it comes to making lasting relationships whether personal or professional.

6. Can you tell us one thing you have tried with social media that has worked, and one that hasn’t?

People love pictures of hot women (even women). People don’t like complaining or politics.

7. Where do you see social being involved with the music and entertainment industries in 5 years? 10? Will it still be relevant?

I don’t know how it will be involved, but it definitely will be. I really like the potential of sites like Spotify and Pandora. I wish they paid more, but I like that people can preview music at a place where the artist gets paid per listen. I wish all sites could be that way. I also feel like people want to listen to music in a way that benefits the artist, but it’s just so easy to get it for free. So Spotify and Pandora are great ways for listeners to get their cake and eat it too…..and why shouldn’t they?

8. Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

If you get a chance, listen to the Nick Miller & The Hustle Standard EP The Brave Abraham Judah front-to-back. As pretentious as it may it sound, it’s a concept album, but more than that it’s an Album. It really works front-to-back.

Also, I have the most positive and driven fan base. I love looking at the facebook news feed and seeing everyone’s posts, achievements, and ambitions – it’s my favorite motivational/inspirational website. Thank you for that.

Find The Hustle Standard online:
Hustle Standard Spotify Playlist: http://spoti.fi/RbAsb0

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